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Release Notes

Version 1.0.17-beta, June 19, 2017


More Formats 2016 changes

Continuing to make Formats 2016 changes. This time added Boxes with Color to the Miscellaneous menu. Just go to Miscellaneous > Boxes > Color Boxes or Full Color Boxes and then a dialog opens asking you to type the name of the color. Type the name of your color, press enter, and a box will be made per the Formats 2016 guidelines with that color! Also updated the listed table transcriber's note and linear table format to be in line with Formats 2016. Thankfully Formats 2016 and 2011 aren't too different and so we're nearly done with updating BB for Formats 2016.

Math updates

The biggest change is that the Math Hub now includes MathJax. This is great because MathJax is accessible! So you make your equation in ASCII Math and then can view it with a screen reader via MathJax. Additionally, the Math Hub now has a tab that will allow you to search for symbols- very useful for when you don't know what category to check. Finally, we've also added the ability to create your ASCII Math entirely in the Math Hub, which should make it easier to learn as you can reference the MathJax as you are creating the equation. A number of bugs were also fixed, those are covered below, and we're getting to closer to having full math support in BB.


Biggest change is that the page numbers in the print view can now be read by a screen reader. We're unfortunately limited to just NVDA at the moment but we're working on JAWS support. We've also set the Toolbar Tools (TOC Builder, Line Number Tools) to become the focus when you open them, which should make them easier to use (and find) with a screen reader. Remember to use ctrl+tab on PC to move through the various views and tools. We've also improved focus handling when using Find and Replace.

Exception reporting service

Everybody hates getting exception but we can't fix them if we don't know about them. We encourage everyone to please help us make BB better by taking advantage of this new feature. When you get an exception, you now have the option to send that exception to APH. On the exception there are two buttons, one is "OK" and that will dismiss the exception and the other is "Tell APH About This Error So They Can Fix It" and using that button will send the exception directly to us. Please use this button and together we will eliminate the exceptions that remain in BB.

Multi-Element 6-Key Entry

Now when you use 6-Key Entry, you can add line breaks. There are two options "Insert Inline" and "Insert as Block". Insert Inline will still be limited to a single element as the text will be inserted within another element. Insert as Block will allow you to add multiple elements worth of 6-keyed material to your document. This feature is accessed the same as the previous method for 6-key entry, via the Tools menu or F6.

Save dialog will keep name of file

Small addition but now when you save a file, a name will be generated in the Save As dialog based on the current name of the file. This will be helpful if you like to keep multiple save but it will also at least keep you from having to manually type out the NIMAS number if that's what you want your BBX file to be called.

Settings menu Alt Key added

Not a feature so much but a big enough change its worth mentioning: the Settings menu now has an Alt key. To access the Settings menu with the keyboard, use Alt+S. Styles is now Alt+L.


  • After temporarily disabling the emphasizing of math, those changes caused trouble when trying to apply emphasis within the vicinity of math.
  • An issue was fixed when trying to combine typed ASCII Math with ASCII Math generated by the Math Hub.
  • Fixed an issue with changing your translation table after making changes to math causing an exception.
  • Fixed an issue with the math accent mark (`) not being respected by the cursor so that the user couldn't predict when they were "inside" or "outside" of them. Now it is much clearer- if you're inside the math accent marks, you're inside math and if you're not, you're not.
  • Fixed a number of translation issues too, including mixed fractions in Nemeth and the numeric indicator with UEB.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Production Notes Manager to fail to open if the note itself was deleted but the reference to the note wasn't deleted.
  • Fixed the margins of Attribution to be 5-5. We're still working on getting this style to be as adaptive as it needs to be but for now it will work in the majority of cases.
  • Fixed an issue with changing the translation tables after working with Tables.
  • Fixed a number of page numbering issues including page numbering when using interpoint and a very specific issue where a page number was getting two runover indicators.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Loadouts to not work. Loadouts should be working as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with the cursor jumping position after using six-key.
  • Fixed an issue with blank block elements being created when blank lines are copied and pasted.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting emphasis.
  • Fixed issues with Guide Words that could occur if you opened Edit Guide Words but did not make any changes.
  • Fixed issue with TOC Builder that was quite specific but prevented the user from finishing their work. Hopefully this change will prevent other users from being stuck.
  • Fixed issue with how the TN Symbols interacted with translation changes. Now the TN Symbols will not break when direct translation or uncontracted are applied to them.

Version 1.0.16-beta, June 5, 2017


Beginning to incorporate Formats 2016 changes

There's not much in this release but we have begun the process of incorporating Formats 2016 changes. The only major change in this release involves the Stage Directions styles now following the 2016 rules but more changes are coming!

Accessibility updates

We've been addressing accessibility issues in this update as well. From ensuring focus works as expected to fixing a situation where we had three close buttons in the toolbar with the same name (and hence difficult to follow with a screen reader) we will continue to make changes to accommodate accessibility concerns. We will keep testing our end but please let us know of any accessibility concerns that you may have.


  • Fixed a regression involving cutting or deleting an element that contains both emphasized and regular text.
  • Fixed bugs in TOC Builder. This included a couple of exceptions that could occur and a translation issue that end of word contractions weren't being used if they were followed by guide dots.
  • Fixed issue with using Line Number Tools on the first line of a document. The first line would get pulled to the left margin once a line number was added regardless of its margin before adding the line number. This has been fixed. Also fixed a similar issue where putting a line number at the beginning of a document could cause an exception.
  • Fixed math issues. Math work continues. There's now an easy way to remove a "math" element after it has been added. Several translation updates. More work on ensuring changes made by the user are retained.
  • Fixed a bug when deleting blank lines with multiple other elements. The bug was that when you deleted two elements that were separated by a blank line, you would get an exception.
  • Fixed issues with using the automated volume layout that occurs with the TOC Builder and T-Page Generator. Now page numbering should be correct and more predictable.

Version 1.0.15-beta, May 19, 2017


Applying the page style is now easier.

Previously, the page style could only be applied if the page number was the only item inside the element. Now the number can be a part of a larger element with other text and the element will either be split or otherwise accommodate the number becoming a page number. Additionally, the page style can be applied to much longer elements and will also recognize words and phrase as page numbers. There's a lot of page number types out there and this should handle them all. If a page number is too long for your current margins, BB will truncate the page number when necessary- you'll need to edit the page number appropriately or adjust your margins.

Edit Production Notes is now called Production Notes Manager

This change was prompted by a user being confused by this tool. It doesn't really allow you to edit production notes, which are notes added by the publisher that may or may not be needed in braille, but instead allows you to delete them, keep them, or hide them as needed quickly and easily. Check this tool out if you haven't. It's in the Edit menu and useful when transcribing textbooks from XML/NIMAS files.

Math work continues

We're making a lot of changes with math. Math editing is basically disabled in this release. It will be back in the next release but in a limited capacity. There's a lot to math, it's basically as big as BrailleBlaster itself. We want to make sure we do it right and so we're going to pull back a little bit, focus on the basics, and make sure we give you something you can use and that's reliable. Feedback is always appreciated. While we're working with this, please remember that you can always use Direct Translate and Set Cell Position and other tools to get math done. We're hoping to give you something quicker and easier when we're done. We're also working on allowing multi-line six key entry specifically for math. It will have other uses as well, of course. Still finalizing all of the math features. Stay tuned!


  • Fixed bug with an empty element. An exception would be thrown if an element only contained a space.
  • Fixed bug with combining elements when one element was much longer than the other.
  • Continued working ensuring the cursor maintains the correct position after changes. Still more to be done here but it's getting better.
  • Fixed BB getting stuck in a loop after very specific kinds of editing.
  • Fixed an issue with selection stopping at a running heading.
  • Page style will now match the page type of whatever section it is in. This means if you make a print page in the p-pages, BB will know that print page is still a part of the p-pages.
  • Fixed a bug with TOC page number editing causing a crash.
  • Fixed several bugs with Find and Replace. Should be much more robust and reliable.
  • Fixed bug with poetry having unnecessary white space.
  • Added more Unicode characters to LibLouis. Work continues with unknown characters too. We're always adding more to the database and we're also going to be doing more to handle these in future releases thanks to suggestions from users.
  • Fixed a bug with line numbers at the beginning of an element causing an exception.
  • Fixed issue with breadcrumbs and direct translated text causing an exception.
  • Fixed issue with adding print page numbers at the beginning of a document.
  • A lot of work is going to page settings. Fixed bugs with interpoint setting, volume additions, and interactions between all of these and the T-Page generator and TOC Builder. Work continues.
  • Fixed a bug with changing the nesting level of glossary styles.
  • Fixed a bug with lowering the nesting level of list items.
  • Adjusted how nesting level is applied in XML files so they are more reliable and closer to what users will want.
  • Fixed how the number sign is applied so that it is more likely to be correct.
  • Re-enabled Edit Guide Words. It was temporarily disabled while work was done on it.
  • Some books require an internet connection but BB will handle these books without the necessary internet connection. Before it would fail.

Version 1.0.14-beta, April 21, 2017


Adds support for both horizontal and beveled fractions

Since Nemeth differentiates between these kinds of fractions, BB must too. Right now this implementation is limited to MathML with beveled (diagonal) fractions. There is currently no way to make beveled fractions in ASCII Math and we are open to suggestions about what would be the best way to differentiate between them. If the MathML has beveled fractions, the braille will be correct but the ASCII Math will look the same as a horizontal fraction.

Adds preceding subscripts and superscripts for chemistry to ASCII Math

Still a work in progress. You can now make preceding subscripts and superscripts in ASCII Math. Here's an example: ""_3^7C. That will make a letter C with a subscript of 3 and a superscript of 7 preceding it. However, we're still working on the translation and we're also going to need to add an example to the Math Hub.

Adds ability to select and translate elements containing mixed literary and math content

There's still some issues that we're working out but you can now write some ASCII Math yourself, add some ASCII Math from the Math Hub, and translate both together as a single unit. Still some issues but we're getting closer.

Adds ability to specify either the multiplication cross or multiplication dot

In ASCII Math, you can make a multiplication dot with \cdot and a multiplication cross with \times. You can also use * for the dot or xx for the cross. These translate correctly and there are examples in the Math Hub but we still need to get better ones that are easier to find.

Adds the splash screen on the Mac

Now Mac users can enjoy the same splash screen as PC users. Enjoy! Note that the program actually loads fairly quickly and does not pause to allow the splash screen to flourish in all of its glory. It appears and then disappears as soon as the program is ready. We think this is for the best and hope you do too!

Adds correct translation of a numeric series

Numeric series were putting in too many number signs. This has been corrected. We're still working on a way for the user to easily designate a series of numbers as a numeric series. Sometimes a series of numbers will need the numeric space and sometimes they won't. Right now, BB assumes that any series of numbers is going to want the numeric space but that will be changing. We'll probably default to the numeric space but give the user the option to remove it as easily as adding emphasis.

Adds some reorganization of the Edit menu

Edit Guide Word is now in the Alphabetic Reference Tools sub-menu. Edit Production Notes has been moved to the Tools menu. Edit Production Notes is a handy tool for textbooks that will allow users to remove Production Notes. Production Notes are added by the publisher and sometimes they are necessary for the braille and sometimes they aren't. You can remove them all at once or on a case-by-case basis. Our recommendation would be to remove them within the dialog then review them before making that change, so you can be sure to keep the few that are necessary. The main issue is that sometimes publishers mislabel them. We've actually found print tables that have been labeled as production notes! You'll want to keep that table but you won't want to keep printing instructions.

Adds support for decimal comma

This is really a fix but it's an important enough fix to mention. Previously, if you had your machine set to use any decimal system other than the decimal point, BB would not be able to open any files because of a conflict that would occur. This has been fixed. Please let us know if you have any issues.


  • Fixes guide words on pages that do not contain the beginning of an alphabetic reference.
  • Fixes a fatal error when adding an uncontracted term.
  • Fixes deleting a line break at the end of a document.
  • Fixes a problem where the page setting dialog closed when an invalid setting was made.
  • Fixes some translation errors, such as the 'ed' in "doubleday".
  • Fixes a problem where a click on OK was required to close the image describer.
  • Fixes a problem where continuation pages were not being used when producing interpoint braille.
  • Corrects translation of fractions in UEB.
  • Fixes an error caused by clicking on an image placeholder that ran onto the following page. The placeholder was correctly pushed to the next page and left some blank space on the current page that should have been editable.

Version 1.0.12-beta, April 10, 2017

This release includes a lot of improvements in the math editor (math hub), and math in general. We know there is still more to do but we are making great progress. Below are some of the other corrections since the last update.


  • Adds a find feature to the braille preview.
  • Adds handling extremely long page numbers that are longer than a line on the braille page.
  • Adds a single-page view to the braille preview.
  • The TOC builder now handles page numbers.
  • Extra leading and trailing space from guide words are now removed.
  • Highlighted text is now replaced when using six-key entry in the image describer.
  • Some documentation has been added to the Users' manual regarding the math features. Note that this is still a work in progress and that there is still a lot of work to do.


  • Corrects a problem where prose caused unnecessary blank lines to be added.
  • Corrects an exception when one attempted to add an uncontracted form of an alphabetic reference.
  • Corrects a problem with two line numbers on the last line of a page.
  • Corrects a blank line that was left behind after deleting display text.
  • Corrects some instances where blank lines were not being added automatically when they should.
  • Corrects some handling of list items that are moved out of a list.
  • Corrects handling of transcriber-defined typeforms in UEB.
  • Corrects problems with merging guide-word elements.
  • Corrects a problem where, when you attempted to adjust the spacing of a glossary/term on a non-glossary item, a warning appeared but then the dialog to adjust the spacing came up anyhow and the warning was repeated.
  • Corrects a problem where, when you deleted line numbers, blank spaces were left behind.
  • Corrects an exception that was caused when you attempted to use the line number editor twice.
  • Corrects a problem with whitespace that could cause an index-out-of-bounds exception.
  • Corrects a line-number error in a file with only one paragraph.
  • Corrects a number of unknown characters in UEB braille translated from MathML.
  • Corrects a problem where continue pages was continuing t-pages and p-pages.
  • Corrects a problem where new lines before page indicators were affected by lines before the element after the page indicator.
  • Corrects a problem where find and replace was not working for emphasis when only a part of an element was emphasized.
  • Corrects a couple of very specific problems in the TOC builder.
  • Corrects a problem where find and replace was finding blank elements.
  • Corrects page numbering issues with blank pages.
  • Corrects several problems that caused changes to revert when the translation and formatting had not yet been updated.
  • Improves performance caused by the "undo" stack.

Version 1.0.11-beta, March 24, 2017


  • We continue to make progress with math support in both UEB and Nemeth. There is some support there now but keep in mind that it is still incomplete.
  • Adds the ability to use Find and Replace to replace multiple spaces with a single space.
  • Added the ability to delete a volume division.
  • Adds differentiation between Box and Full Box in the breadcrumb viewer.
  • Adds the ability to open BRFs.
  • Improves performance in the TOC builder.


  • Corrects a possible lock-up when user actions tie up the forematter.
  • Corrects a problem that caused a fatal exception when using Ctrl+Enter.
  • Corrects a case that caused line numbers to be incorrectly placed the same line as the page number.
  • Fixed a case that caused the BRF file to not format correctly when guide words were used.
  • Corrects an exception when scrolling through a document with the cursor keys.
  • Corrects an error that occasionally happened when entering text.
  • Continuation pages are now discontinued at volume breaks.
  • TOC entries now correctly retain runovers (indention).
  • Corrects a problem deleting manually added lines or spaces at the beginning of a blank document.
  • Now correctly adds a list container when a table is turned into a list.
  • Corrects a problem with multiple instances of Set Cell Position being used.
  • Corrects the addition of an unnecessary blank line when a note separation line is inserted.
  • Corrects a problem that caused deleted text to return when multiple edits were performed consecutively.
  • Corrects a persistent blank line when text is pasted onto the blank line.
  • Restores single-page presentation in the braille previewer.
  • Corrects a problem that caused guide words to be mangled when adding new guide words.
  • Corrects an error in the BBX document.

Version 1.0.10-beta, February 17, 2017


  • Adds ability to replace an image with text using the print/text view.
  • Adds accessibility labels to views and controls within the table editor.
  • Adds the ability to delete page-change indicators.
  • Adds menu option to change volume type.
  • Adds the "Tab" option to the menu.
  • Adds a limit to the maximum line number to avoid errors when an absurdly large number is entered.
  • Adds the command Shift+Enter, insert a line break, to the menu.


  • Corrects a null-pointer exception error in certain, very specific instances.
  • Corrects the page number on the status bar when a print-page indicator is encountered.
  • Corrects an exception error when pages are added.
  • Using tab to set the horizontal position now respects existing blank spaces.
  • Corrects a problem where the page indicator was deleted when blank lines were deleted.
  • Front matter, body matter, and back matter elements in NIMAS books are now hidden as they are not useful and are possibly confusing.
  • Corrects an exception error when Ctrl+End and Shift+Ctrl+End are used in a blank document.
  • Corrects an exception error when guide word style is applied in a new document.
  • Corrects an error opening books with UEB+Nemeth as the default braille profile.
  • Corrects a problem applying "Don't Split" to certain elements.
  • Corrects an error when attempting to change the braille page number in certain situations.
  • Corrects a problem where using Ctrl+Enter moved the page number when only the text should be moved.
  • Removed roman braille page type.
  • Corrects a problem where editing a title page caused text to be placed in seemingly random spots.
  • Corrects formatter exceptions on a couple of specific NIMAS books.
  • Prevents pasting of text within a table. The table editor must be used when editing tables.
  • Removed the "sidebar" style. Box styles are used for actual sidebars in a book.
  • Corrects an error when a new line is added on line 25 of a new document.
  • Corrects a problem in the page number dialog where entries are not saved when previous or next is pressed.
  • Corrects problems with transcriber note symbols.
  • Corrects boxes showing up as sidebars in the breadcrumb viewer.
  • Corrects mapping of text in a block quote.
  • Corrects inability to change the page type of page t-1.
  • Corrects a missing blank line when headings fall on the top of a page after a running head.
  • Corrects an error when selecting list items.
  • Corrects some problems opening old BBX (BrailleBlaster) documents.
  • Corrects a problem that caused styles to be applied to page numbers.
  • Fixes a performance problem with the page number dialog.
  • Corrects a problem when navigating in the line-number dialog.
  • Clicking on the X at the top of the BrailleBlaster window now brings up save query just like selecting Exit on the menu.
  • Corrects a problem where inserting a volume with your cursor on a print page indicator replaces the print page indicator.
  • Corrects problems deleting line numbers from the line number dialog.
  • Corrects a problem where t-pages were getting print page numbers.
  • Corrects a problem adding a new line at the bottom of a page when the page ends with a table.
  • Corrects a problem applying TOC entries to lists that contain page numbers.
  • Corrects a problem when you search for bold, replace with add italics, remove bold, Find & Replace just removes bold.
  • Corrects a problem applying a container style to a container.
  • Corrects an error caused by applying a blank string as an image description.
  • Makes the image describer easier to exit.
  • Removed refresh translation from the toolbar.
  • Corrects a problem that resulted in F&R not finding boxes.
  • Corrects missing blank lines on the title page.
  • Corrects an inability to add text within a box.
  • Corrects a problem that caused "Cancel" to fail when leaving the table editor.
  • Corrects an error when searching for "Displayed Block" text.
  • Corrects a problem entering a blank line at the beginning of a document with text.
  • Corrects a problem where applying a full box to a box removed the box.
  • Corrects a problem inserting text before a page break.
  • Corrects prose missing from the style pane.
  • Corrects a problem that caused automatic blank lines to be removed when a running head is added.
  • Corrects some problems entering new lines when lank pages are added before or after.
  • Corrects an error caused when line numbers are added to the beginning of a blank document.
  • Corrects an error caused when the last line number is deleted in the line number editor.
  • Corrects missing blank lines after a running head on t-pages.
  • Corrects an error when you use the line number editor in a document with no line numbers.
  • Shows line numbers that are off screen when editing line numbers.
  • Corrects a problem with braille page numbers when using interpoint mode.
  • Corrects a problem where line numbers were being inserted in the wrong location when multiple line numbers were inserted.
  • Corrects a problem where pressing enter before a listed table broke the formatting of the table.
  • Corrects a problem where tab were not tabbing correctly when there were two tabs in the same element.
  • Poetic stanzas now show correctly in the breadcrumb viewer.
  • Corrects some formatting errors when blank lines are added after an element.
  • Corrects an error triggered when a list item is changed to body text.
  • Corrects an error that caused line numbers to skip top line in a new document without print page numbers.
  • Corrects a problem that caused elements beginning with emphasis to get pulled up to previous element when wrapped with Prose tag.
  • Corrects an error caused when Find & Replace was used to replace emphasis and emphasis was already there.
  • Corrects a problem that caused BrailleBlaster to skip an extra page when a new volume starts.
  • Removes using the Tab key to set the cell position. It broke accessibility and confused some users. It is in the Edit menu.
  • Corrects a problem where a line would be mangled if you used the Delete key to remove the text on the line before it.
  • Corrects a failure on the TOC in some books.
  • Corrects some problems that caused errors when scrolling the views with the keyboard.
  • Corrects a problem where a page break before a 1-5 line and print page indicator caused an exception error.

Version 1.0.9-beta, February 3, 2017


  • Adds the ability to open multiple blank documents.
  • Adds the automatic removal of the "sidebar" elements. These are often not properly used by publishers for the purpose of creating braille.
  • Adds the ability to remove inserted tabs.
  • Adds automatic creation of a Mac application bundle (.dmg). You can find this at http://BrailleBlaster.org/version.php.


  • Corrects a problem that caused the TOC builder not seeing page changes in subsequent volumes.
  • Corrects an exception when hitting enter after typing on a line.
  • Corrects a problem that caused an attempt to remove multiple typeforms in a larger typeformed passage to result in an error.
  • Corrects an error caused by pasting direct translated text multiple times.
  • Corrects an error when attempting to emboss a single page.
  • Corrects a problem that caused an error when a single space was entered into an otherwise empty paragraph.
  • Corrects a problem that caused the selection in the braille view to select an incorrect section in the print view.
  • Corrects a problem that caused a failure to open a BBX file that was created on a different computer.
  • Corrects a problem that caused an unending loop of errors in a specific instance.
  • Corrects a problem removing a box from around a table.
  • Corrects a problem removing bold from a passage.
  • Corrects an error when inserting volumes in certain cases.
  • Corrects an error when using Ctrl+Enter in the last section of a document and under other specific conditions.
  • Corrects a problem where backspace was not consistently deleting blank lines that precede headings.
  • Corrects an "illegal argument" error using find and replace in certain instances.
  • Corrects a problem where pressing enter after typing a lot of text and then pressing enter caused the cursor to be in the wrong position.
  • Corrects a problem where blank lines before or after a print page indicator could not be removed.
  • Corrects a problem where find and replace was not adding emphasis to emphasis.
  • Corrects a problem where image placeholders were skipping one less line than requested.
  • Corrects an issue with page numbers and blank lines in a new document.
  • Corrects an error caused by pressing backspace in a blank document.
  • Corrects an error caused using the insert key. Type-over mode is currently not supported.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented find and replace from finding the plus (+) sign.
  • Corrects an error caused when "skip number lines" includes a print page indicator.
  • Corrects an error caused when you "unwrap" a box.
  • Corrects some problems with pasting inside a box.
  • Corrects some problems editing a new document with a running head.
  • Corrects some scrolling errors in the views.
  • Corrects an error with the print page number on the status line.
  • Corrects a problem that caused p-style text within a poetic stanza to disappear.
  • Corrects section selection in the breadcrumb viewer.
  • Corrects problems in the breadcrumb viewer caused by emphasis inside block text.
  • Corrects error with breadcrumbs when a document is closed.
  • Corrects selection of containers in the breadcrumb viewer.
  • Corrects problems with removing elements selected using the breadcrumb viewer.
  • The blank document is now closed when a document is opened.

Version 1.0.8-beta, Jan. 27, 2017


  • When you cancel the prompt to save your document on exit it returns you to your document rather than exiting.
  • Adds the ability to edit braille page number in files without print page numbers.


  • Corrects a problem that caused a failure to find the previous or next page number.
  • Corrects failure of some of the benchmark test books to open.
  • Corrects problems running under 32-bit Windows. Please test this if you have a 32-bit machine. We still do not recommend 32-bit Windows because it is slow when working with large books. With small to medium sized files, it seems fine.
  • Corrects a translation error where there is a bold word attached to the end of a word preceding a bold word.
  • Corrects problems with be, con, and dis contractions and capitalization indicators.
  • Corrects a problem where BrailleBlaster was not skipping the top page number line when there was no bottom page number.
  • Corrects superscript and subscripts not appearing in Nemeth math.
  • Corrects line numbers appearing in the wrong cell position in certain instances.
  • Corrects some problems merging elements when delete or backspace was used.
  • Corrects problems with the page builder not removing formatting elements when it should.
  • Corrects a spacing problem in simple tables.
  • Table editor now refers to "direct" translation rather than "exact" for direct translation.

Version 1.0.7-beta, Jan. 13, 2017


  • Adds the ability to include the style when cutting and pasting text.
  • Adds a way to edit and delete line numbers with the new style panel.
  • Adds the ability to scroll text in the six-key image description area.
  • Adds identification of emphasis type in breadcrumbs.
  • Emphasis now appears nested in breadcrumbs. Previously only one emphasis type appeared in breadcrumbs.
  • Adds Apply and Cancel buttons in a separate area to help with editing multiple production notes.
  • Adds the table style name to the Style panel.
  • Adds a warning that auto-generated symbols can overwrite user added symbols in the Special symbols page.


  • Corrects a problem inserting a new line for an explicit line break before a page break. Previously, this made the next element align left when it should maintain its horizontal position with the previous item.
  • Corrects a problem that could make the views position incorrectly.
  • Corrects a problem adding new lines manually.
  • Corrects a problem where adding line numbers in prose made the line number not respect the margins.
  • Corrects a problem that let BrailleBlaster put two line numbers on a line.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented you from using the Backspace key to change the indent.
  • Corrects a problem with formatting when deleting lines in a list.
  • Corrects a problem that showed page numbers incorrectly in the braille preview.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented BrailleBlaster from opening NIMAS files from bookshare.org.
  • Corrects a problem where BrailleBlaster was skipping lines even if there was not a page number on the line.
  • Corrects a problem preventing you from inserting additional line numbers.
  • Corrects a problem that kept you from turning off the print and braille views.
  • Corrects exceptions in six-key entry.
  • Corrects a problem reformatting for the table of contents builder.
  • Corrects a problem where the image describer dialog was larger than the window in which it was contained.
  • Corrects a problem when selecting text that included a table.
  • Corrects a problem occurred when inserting a list inside another list.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented production notes from showing up.
  • Corrects a problem that caused styles to behave inconsistently after page numbers.
  • Corrects a problem when removing all emphasis.
  • Corrects a problem formatting linear tables.
  • Corrects a problem where transcriber note symbols were adding extra spaces.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented you from using Ctrl+Enter before a print page indicator.
  • Corrects a problem that caused the program to slow down after using Ctrl+Enter in a large title.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented you from using line number tools.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented the find command from finding elements that were not visible.
  • Corrects a problem where the scroll bar wasn't working in Edit Production Notes.
  • Corrects a problem where the Style panel conflicted with a document with a running head.
  • Corrects a problem generating a table of contents with TOC place holders to volumes that do not yet exist.
  • Corrects a problem with placing an "End of Volume" statement on the print page indicator.
  • Corrects a problem that could add extra spaces after publisher line numbers.
  • Corrects a problem where incidental notes were called reference notes.