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If you are interested in seeing what's next try our beta versions, released bi-weekly. Note backwards compatibility with stable is not garanteed.

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Sample Nimas File


Version 1.1.0-stable, October 11, 2017


New BrailleBlaster mailing list

Since BrailleBlaster is officially released we have created a new mailing list to discuss it. Our plan is to keep both a stable and a beta branch with releases occurring more frequently on the beta branch. After the initial release, the beta branch will be temporarily disabled as everyone will have the same version but a beta release will come out soon and will be optional. Find our mailing list info here.

Braille Zephyr

While not directly related to BrailleBlaster, Braille Zephyr is a free program that edits BRFs and creates them. It has no styles or automatic formatting. It is meant for six-keying braille manually and, as it has no automation, it is approved for use with getting your NLS Certification. Download BrailleZephyr here.

Page Number Dialog

The Page Number Dialog is now separated into multiple tabs and has some new features. Previously the Page Number Dialog was just a single tab with all of the tools in that one tab. For ease of use, the functions of the dialog (from print page number editing to more precise edits like combining print page numbers to deleting indicators) are all separated into multiple tabs. This makes it easier to make changes and for the software to understand what changes are being made. Additionally there is a new tab which tracks your changes and allows you to quickly "Go To" them. This tab is called Page Change List.

Title Page Styles

You can now apply styles to your title page. The default style is 1-3 but you can apply any other numeric style to text on the title page in the T-Page Generator. Styles are found under the menu item Margins and are arranged around their first indent.


  • Translation issues Fixed mixed fractions being incorrectly identified. Fixed the mathematical "therefore" symbol returning as an unknown character. Fixed the inverted exclamation mark. Fixed the translation of the word "dish" using the "dis" contraction- it does not. Added several Unicode arrows to the translation tables for UEB.
  • Fixed bugs related to Page Number Dialog changes.
  • Fixed major translation issues with Nemeth.
  • Updated Correct Braille Translation dialog to make it clear that it would not work with math. We're still working on getting it to work with math.
  • Fixed an issue with splitting a direct translated or uncontracted element.
  • Fixed an issue with replacing text with a non-breaking space.
  • Fixed an issue where Transcriber's Notes returned as unknown characters when translated as math.
  • Fixed an issue where Add Uncontracted Glossary Terms did not first check to ensure a word had an uncontracted form (such as a word that already had no contractions).
  • Fixed an issue where TOC Builder and Line Number Tools would throw an exception if used in a new document or when BB was closed.
  • Fixed a specific issue with certain books where the TN emphasis could have errors.
  • Fixed a regression that caused text added to certain location could cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where two tools used the same hotkey. Edit Line Numbers now uses Ctrl+Shift+F2.
  • Fixed an issue where splitting a book could fail if the user didn't have permission to write to a certain directory.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting guide dots added by the TOC Builder.
  • Fixed an issue where the margins used for embossing were appearing in the Braille Preview.
  • Fixed an issue where using interpoint could affect normal page numbering.
  • Fixed an issue where spaces were being counted when centering a heading.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when checking for updates.
  • Fixed an issue where saving a single volume BRF with the same name as an already existing BRF offered no warning.
  • Fixed an exception that occurred when deleting empty print page indicators at the top of a file.
  • Fixed an issue where information in the About dialog was editable.
  • Fixed an issue with adding rules to a symbol in the Special Symbols Finder.
  • Changed an exception warning to a normal warning when the user tries to Regenerate their TOC without having volumes inserted.
  • Limited the number of open tabs. Was infinite, is now ten.
  • Fixed an issue where the style panel's cursor position was not being used when returning to the print view (it would return you to the previous cursor position in that view).
  • Fixed an issue when editing text inside a container such as a list.
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the top box line getting a blank line after when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed an issue with more than one line break at a single cursor position throwing an error. It still will only allow you to add a single line break to any particular cursor position but the error is no longer thrown.
  • Fixed an issue with using the Book Tree for navigation in a split file.
  • Fixed an issue with the Braille Preview where ordinal pages were off by 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the Braille Preview would no longer function and saving a BRF was impossible.
  • Fixed an issue with adding uncontracted glossary terms to a new file with identified guide words.
  • Fixed an issue where tab characters copied and pasted from other sources would be lost.
  • Fixed an issue where text vanished when splitting an element with enter.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a line break to the end of the first line of a document threw an error.
  • Fixed an issue with adding a line break to a series of underscores.
  • Fixed an issue where Set Cell Position disabled TN Emphasis.
  • Fixed an issue where if BB was closed or minimized before it finished opening, it would crash.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a TOC entry could cause an error.
  • Fixed BrailleBlaster so that focus will always be in the print view when it is first opened.
  • Fixed an issue where lists were not being reliably pasted.
  • Fixed an issue where implied page numbers were not appearing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where moving between text elements required two arrow presses instead of one.
  • Fixed an issue where selection was disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue with Find and Replace jumbling text when that text was inside a container like a List.
  • Fixed an issue where closing a document with highlighted text could cause an exception.